About me


Since 2017, I've been working at HOV, a remote-first product studio/venture studio / accelerator, as lead designer.

Before that, I’ve spent 10+ years as a freelance designer & developer, working on a colorful selection of projects—from L.A. rappers and apps for kids, to Croatian funeral a cappella choirs and Yale academics. It was a blast, I met a lot of brilliant people and learned the upsides and downsides of working remotely.

Right now, I'm looking to join a team of talented and kind people working on useful and ethical products. If this sounds like you and you’d like to have a chat about working together, send me an email.


Occasional thoughts on Twitter.

Second-hand books and naive art hoarding on Are.na.

Books I'm reading on Oku.

Front-end experiments on Codepen.

Side-projects and this website on Github.

Want to work on something cool together? Get in touch. 🦆✉️